Basketball Program

Our programs are available to youth in The Bronx as well as New York

Program Guide:

Code of Ethics & Code of Conduct for Participants

  1. Play for fun
  2. Work Hard to Improve your skills
  3. Be a team player; get along with your teammates. Never verbally or physically abuse your teammates or opponents
  4. Learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline, be on time for practice
  5. Learn the rules and play by them, always be a good sport
  6. Respect your coach, your teammates, your parents, your opponents, and officials
  7. Never argue with an officials decision
  8. Zero tolerance policy – failure to comply with the code of ethics and code of conduct will result in the dismissal of your child without a refund.

Parent/ Guardian, Administration, Coach, Team Parent communication guide

Parent/guardian/coach relationship:

The communication you should expect from the coach:

  • Expectations for your child and all players on the squad
  • The philosophy of the coach
  • Locations and times of practices and games Team rules

The communication you should expect from the program administration

  • Weekly communication on events, activities, practice times, and location
  • Status on equipment handouts
  • Status on fundraising

The communication we expect from parents/ guardians

  • Discipline from home that may result in your child’s non-participation
  • Academic issues in school that will affect participation
  • Express any concerns about the coach’s philosophy and/or expectations directly to the coach
  • Notify the coach of any schedule conflicts well in advance
  • Time the participant may need to be away from the program

Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches:

  • The treatment of your child both mentally and physically
  • Ways to help your child improve
  • Concerns about your child’s behavior
  • Any health issues

Issues/concerns not appropriate to discuss with coaches or team parent:

  • Amount of playing time
  • Team strategy
  • Other players
  • Program fees – coaches or team parents are not allowed to accept any payments or documentation from parents/guardians
  • All program business is to be handled by designated administrative personnel including but not limited to fees, documentation, payments, fundraising, etc.

Procedure to discuss concerns with coaches:

  • Choose an appropriate occasion [immediately before, during, or after a game is not an appropriate occasion]
  • Discussions should always be even-tempered. [no none should be made to tolerate foul or abusive language]

Inclement Weather Policy

Please note that football is an all-weather sport.  In season, games will be not be canceled or called due to rain.  The official referee is the only person that is allowed to call a game due to weather, not a coach or parent.  This means that regardless of the weather conditions all players must report to the field on a game day.  As a result, we must practice in the rain to prepare for playing in the rain. We will take precautions for the safety of the participants. All participants should have appropriate apparel to protect them during inclement weather.  If there is heavy rain before practice begins the meeting place will be the hallway of the community center 135 Einstein Loop Rm 52 Lower Level Bronx, New York.