Parent or Legal Guardian Registration Page

To get started with any of our programs, you must first register as a parent or legal guardian. Doing so will give you access to all of the applications and forms that you need to register your child for any of our sports teams or activities. You will have your own private portal on our website to upload all of the necessary information needed to complete the process. Thank you for considering

The North Bronx Cowboys


Game participants and cheerleaders must be registered by an adult who is either the child's parent or legal guardian. All parents and legal guardians must provide Identification (you will be able to upload those through your North Bronx Cowboys private portal page once you have registered)

The North Bronx Cowboys require that all participants have:

  • Good grades in school
  • Be up to date with vaccinations
  • A recent physical examination
  • The willingness to learn to adhere to the safety methods taught by the instructors and coaches