Has your family been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?  You may be eligible for a full or partial scholarship.

To be eligible for the COVID 19 Recovery Relief scholarship you must provide the following:

  1. Copy of a filed 2019 Tax return indicating the Head of Household
  2. Copy of Death Certificate indicating the Head of Household has passed
  3. Medical record that the Head of Household had COVID-19

For those who have lost a job or business due to the Pandemic provide the following:

  1. Copy of notice from a job that the person was let go as a result of loss of business due to the pandemic
  2. Copy of unemployment filing and certification
  3. Record that business has ceased operation as a result of the Pandemic

The above information will be reviewed by our Board of Directors for consideration for Full or Partial scholarship.

The above documents are required for audit from the sponsoring agency. All documents are to be uploaded to the Parent Portal account. All documentation provided is kept confidential and is not shared with the public.


If you are applying for the Covid 19 Grant, please DO NOT complete any purchase as of yet. Our Board of Directors will review the documentation that you provided to determine your eligibility. 

If you are approved for a partial or full scholarship into the program after a careful review of your documentation, we will inform you as soon as possible of the amount, if any, that you will need to pay.

If you are NOT applying for the Covid 19 Grant, then you can go ahead and make a purchase now for your child's participation in the program of your choice. You may register your child without a purchase, but all required documents and payments will need to be received on time for your child to participate in any of the programs.

To register you will need to upload
  1. The Parent/ Guardian copy of Drivers license or State issued ID or Passport
  2. Photo of the child you are registering headshot
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate
  4. Copy of recent report card
  5. Fill in name, addresses, and contact information
  6. Fill in the Emergency Contact information
  7. Provide the child's shoe size and other in notes
Please select the program that you are interested in.
Add as many Emergency Contacts for your Child as you would like to have registered.
Let us know if there is any other important information that you need to share (Allergies, Special conditions, Other) and to provide the child's shoe size, etc.
Some families need to add more than one address. Optional.